Barter Boat is an interactive art project powered by the motto Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We trade objects with anyone who passes by, exploring the transformation of “one man’s trash” into curated art treasures. Barter Boat creates uniquely memorable experiences that get people sharing small pieces of their lives while shaping a new relationship to waste and exploring value without money. We aim to capitalize not on commerce, but on the rich experience of everyday life as a human. What meaning can an object have beyond its price tag? This question resonates as we wonder, too: what happens after our junk drawers, landfills, and oceans run out of space?

Barter Boat has floated from Minneapolis to Indianapolis to Baltimore, and will soon dock in Atlanta. Those who trade are given an eco-friendly bag curated with the small possessions collected in the previous city. Trades from Canal Convergence will be packaged and exchanged at our next stop. Barter Boat invites participants to consider another community and the small ways in which we are all connected. Barter Boat also trades in the non-tangible, making recordings of performance offerings.

Dates on Display: Feb. 23 – March 5, 2018

RADAR Art is a collective comprised of Robin Schwartzman, Anna Abhau Elliott and Desiree Moore. The three met during their Artist Residency at Hub-Bub in Spartanburg, SC and have been collaborating ever since. RADAR Art is interested in making connections through objects, personal narratives, conversations and social exchanges. Projects include Cold War/m Up at the Art Shanty Projects in Medicine Lake, MN as well as five iterations of the Barter Boat in Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Atlanta and soon to be to Scottsdale.

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