Desert Sun provides a gathering point to experience when the desert sun turns day into night. Throughout the day, the installation’s surface reflects the tones of the sky and the sunlight. At night, the sun is brought to life with light, creating a single cycle across three phases:

Phase 1: Sunrise, bringing to life the cool undertones familiar to the Arizona sunrise.
Phase 2: Sun is at its zenith, reflecting bright yellow tones.
Phase 3: Recreating the red and pink spectrum of colours for which the Arizona sunset is famous.

Floating just above the water surface, the installation uses the reflection of the canal to complete its form into a full sphere. Powered using solar energy, Desert Sun links our dependence on the life giving elements of sun and water.

Dates on Display: Feb. 23 – March 5, 2018

Founded by Ben James in 2009 in partnership with the London based art school, Central Saint Martins, Jotta Studio is an installation and experience-based design group. The studio creates large scale installation works utilizing elements including light, film and kinetics to respond to space.  Design & Production by Netta Peltola, Sebastian Kite, Ben Custance, Clare Brooks & Ben James.

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