“A light installation based on capturing the ephemerality of nature” is how Studio Alex describes their installation Flawless.  This piece has been shown at light art festivals in Amsterdam and London and this year is co-commissioned through a partnership with I Light Marina Bay in Singapore.  Studio Alex gets their inspiration from the photosynthesis process used by plants that converts light into energy.  This idea is translated into this piece made up of glowing leaves, bringing energy and movement to the space they occupy

Flawless is made up of over four thousand bioluminescent leaves that will glow in the night sky.  The leaves are suspended in mid-air, recreating a moment in movement as if the leaves were frozen in the middle of a breeze.  The leaves are made up of transparent resin and a colorful phosphorescent pigments, given it the surreal green glow.  The phosphorescent pigment uses the energy from the sunlight during the day, giving it the same ability as plants to utilize their energy by glowing at night.

Dates on Display: Feb. 23 – March 5, 2018

Studio ALEX-Architectural Light Experience, was founded in 2014 in Amsterdam and Milan by industrial designer, Gonzalo Bascuhan from Chile and space designer, Perrine Vichet from France. Both coming from eclectic and unique backgrounds, they explore light and space to shape experiences in the public space. Studio ALEX’s projects are characterized by their emotional, and minimal aesthetic impact, with the continuous search of strong storytelling.

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