Local dancer and choreographer Nicole Olson will capture audiences with a site-specific sunset performance on both Saturdays of the Event.

Descending Fables  |  February 24th

Presented on the waterfront walkway by the art installation Globoscope. This piece is about the different ideas of the word “falling”. Starting with “Ring around the Rosie”, six dance artists will be falling in love, falling from play, and falling from different life situations.

Nomad | March 3rd

Presented along the Marshall Way Bridge. The piece will conceptually involve elements of “time” and “travel”. Starting from man and evolution, the dance artists will move their way across the bridge, creating scenarios of movement through time, work, life and through relationships.

Artist Bio

Nicole Olson started her training in ballet and classical jazz at Milwaukee Ballet School. After graduating with a BFA in Dance from University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, she continued performing for Kirby Reed (Chicago), Bauer Contemporary Ballet (Milwaukee), and Emergence Dance Theatre (Chicago).

Currently, she is the Associate Director/Principal Dancer of Scorpius Dance Theatre, and performs nationally and internationally with the company, and is Guest Artist/Soloist for Center Dance Ensemble. This past season, Ms. Olson was awarded the 2016 Phoenix Mayor’s Arts Award for Dance (Cliff Keuter Award), and was selected as Phoenix New Times’ “Best Dancer, 2016” for their annual “Best Of Phoenix” and one of their “100 Creatives” for 2016.