Blank T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Tea Towels, etc.

Artist & workshop facilitator Eli Richard will run a “Print Your Own Merch” workshop on both Fridays of the event (February 23 & March 2). Visitors to Canal Convergence are invited to bring a blank t-shirt/sweatshirt/tea towel/etc.To print their own limited edition (very rare) Canal Convergence Merch!  Any blank t-shirt will work- however, we’ll be printing with darker colored inks that will show up best on lighter colored fabrics (white/light gray/etc).

Barter Boat Trading Items

The Barter Boat will be docking at the Scottsdale Waterfront for Canal Convergence and trading objects as well as performative offerings. Time to clean out your junk drawer or rehearse your best joke! Bring something to trade for a curated art treasure keepsake. One man’s trash...