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Art inspires and sustains us. We look to you, our community of arts lovers, for help in this critical moment. Please consider becoming a ONE Member or giving a donation today to support the arts in Scottsdale.

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The Artist

Izobrulo Polylight is an inventing bureau based in Moscow, Russia, that focuses on future fabrication and speculative approaches, including the Polylight Art series that uses innovative technology to create smart LED-based works in a variety of custom shapes. Studio founder Ilya Sobol is a multidisciplinary artist, inventor, creative entrepreneur, and technologist. His diverse artistic experience includes interactive, immersive, and participative works. Dmitry Sokolov is an artist and creative developer who works as the founder and tech director of the Moscow-based art group VARENYE ORGANIZM. Combined, the two organizations have exhibited their work in Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and the United States. 

The Artwork

Digital Tintamarresque

Digital Tintamarresque combines outfits of past centuries with modern technology for an Instagram-ready photo op. Just like a retro tintamarresque—where people poke their faces through a board to complete an image on the other side—this installation invites visitors to step up and pose for photos, but the image around them generates at random. Using Izobrulo’s Polylight technology and LEDs, Digital Tintamarresque chooses at random a colorful LED design representing customary dress from three different historical periods.
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HeartHug is a hug-encouraging installation that utilizes artificial intelligence to sense hugs. If one person stands beneath the light-based artwork, only half of HeartHug shines, but if two or more people hug below the installation, the entire heart illuminates. The artists developed an algorithm to detect human hugs for this interactive design. It is designed to question societal norms about privacy and physical boundaries while transforming a public space into a place of unity and love. During a previous, two-day installation, about 3,000 people hugged under HeartHug.
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Canal Convergence
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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