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Following a welcome and blessing by Salt River Pima-Maricopa Cultural Ambassador Manderee Jose, Native Trails will perform a variety of traditional dances and music from various Native Peoples of the Southwest. The program includes the NDN Anthem, a song in which the audience is invited to participate by joining in yelling along with the performers as the singers yell, “Celebrate life,” and the Southwest Horse Dance, a medley of song and dance showcasing various types of music and movements of the Native Peoples of the Southwest, encouraging the audience to imagine a horse traveling from region to region, witnessing unique architecture, languages, foods, clothing, songs, and dances. The performance will also include Native Flute, a beautiful gift from the Plant People that helps promote wellness. According to the program notes: “We all continue to depend on the Plant People. Some of what is harvested becomes other instruments as well.” The flute music will be accompanied with a rain stick, drum, and ocean drum. Also in the program is a Hoop Dance, where the dancer encourages all life in the universe to reach its full potential. “The hoop dancer makes patterns and designs of plants, animals, insects, and much more, reminding us all to celebrate the diversity in the Circle of Life.” Finally, there will be a Fancy Dance Suite which begins with a female fancy shawl dancer showcasing the beauty and grace of the butterfly. The second song of the suite is a crow hop, where she is joined by a male fancy feather dancer and they perform together. During the third song of the suite, the male fancy dancer picks up the tempo and demonstrates his fancy footwork and shoulderwork while keeping in time with the music. 

The Native Trails performance will include contributions by Derrick Suwaima Davis, Tony Ducan, Manderee Jose, Ryon Polequaptewa, and Yolanda Tsosie. 


Soleri Stage
Canal Convergence
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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