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The Artist

Squidsoup is a UK-based, international group of artists, researchers, technologists, and designers working with digital and interactive media experiences. Their work combines physical and dynamic digital spaces with novel and intuitive forms of interaction to produce immersive, responsive, and beguiling experiences. In addition to Ocean of Light: Submergence—the studio’s highly successful summer 2017 exhibition at SMoCA—Squidsoup has exhibited around the world including Salisbury Cathedral (United Kingdom), Burning Man (Nevada), Sydney Opera House (Australia), Usina del Arte (Argentina), Visual Art Week (Mexico), Mapping Festival (Switzerland), Sundance (Utah), Scopitone Festival (France), Ars Electronica Festival and Museum (Austria), Glastonbury Music Festival (United Kingdom), ISEA-International Symposium on Electronic Art (Japan and Northern Ireland), and Late at TATE Britain (United Kingdom).

Standing Wave

Standing Wave represents the power, mass, and presence of water—its capacity to bring birth and renewal. It is formed by approximately 600 orbs of light and sound, connected via Wi-Fi to create an immersive audio-visual experience that simulates a wave over the controlled urban waters of the Arizona Canal. Through motion sensors and microcomputers, the orbs act in choreographed harmony, responding to their environment to create enticing sanctuaries of light and sound while also referencing the standing waveforms in canyons and canals. As part of the studio’s Wave series, Squidsoup is presenting Standing Wave alongside Desert Wave, which appeared at Burning Man in August 2019. Learn More


Canal Convergence and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) present an expanded installation by Squidsoup in two locations. Alongside Standing Wave at the Scottsdale Waterfront, Squidsoup will also install Murmuration at SMoCA. Murmuration uses a networked data system to connect hundreds of lights and audio sources, creating a responsive data swarm. During the daytime, Murmuration will offer a harmonious auditory experience, but when the sun goes down, a dynamic audiovisual experience will swirl around the Museum like its namesake—a term for a flock of starlings whirling in unison through the sky. Learn More


Stage 2 | Scottsdale Center
7380 E. Second St.
Scottsdale, 85251

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Travel Notice

This event is located at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts which is not located on the waterfront. You may require transportation to get to and from the Scottsdale Center to attend this event.

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