Educational Opportunities

Canal Convergence offers a multitude of ways for all ages to learn more about the artistic, technical, sociological, and historical aspects of water, art, and light. These classroom opportunities engage and inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators.


This installation, titled CUMULUS, and its pieces are the result of a participatory collaboration between 120 students from Scottsdale Unified School District’s Tonolea K-8 School and students from Arizona State University, including 34 undergraduate students in industrial design and 10 interior architecture graduate students from The Design School. Creating a designed experience guided by inquiry, empathy, creativity, and resiliency, this interactive installation will debut at Canal Convergence and crowdsource data from event attendees as they respond to prompts that intersect the topics of community, water, art, and light.

Art+Water+Light+Curriculum = Field Trips

Students from Paradise Valley and Scottsdale Unified school districts will participate in hands-on opportunities with national and international artists. Students will witness chemical reactions of light and color, design intricate weavings of butterflies, and even create original scores of music with sounds found in our everyday lives. While learning from artists featured at Canal Convergence, the students will engage in experiences that connect directly to event themes and curriculum.