Barter Boat by RADAR Art

On display: Feb. 23-March 5

Barter Boat, created by the artist collective RADAR Art, is an interactive art project powered by the idea of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” During “trading hours,” the creators of Barter Boat operate the installation by making trades with the public, exploring the transformation of “one man’s trash” into curated art treasures. Barter Boat creates uniquely memorable experiences by helping visitors shape a new relationship to waste and explore different ideas of value without money. Their aim is to capitalize on the rich experience of everyday life as a human.

Barter Boat has “floated” from Minneapolis to Indianapolis to Baltimore and will soon dock in Scottsdale. Those who bring items to trade are given an eco-friendly bag — curated with small possessions collected in the previous city — in return. Trades from Canal Convergence will be packaged and exchanged at the boat’s next stop in Breckenridge, Colorado.

RADAR Art is a collective comprising Robin Schwartzman, Anna Abhau Elliott and Desiree Moore. The three met during artist residencies at HUB BUB in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and have been collaborating ever since. RADAR Art is interested in making connections through objects, personal narratives, conversations and social exchanges. Projects include Cold War/m Up at the Art Shanty Projects in Medicine Lake, Minnesota, as well as five iterations of the Barter Boat in Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Atlanta and Scottsdale.

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