Barter Boat Workshop

Friday, February. 23 & Friday, March 2 | 4:30–6:30 p.m.

Southwest side of the Canal near the Barter Boat installation

Join artist Anna Abhau Elliott of RADAR Art, creators of the Barter Boat, for a two-hour workshop where participants make “artifacts” that will travel the country on the Barter Boat! It’s a lot like making a collage with found 3-D objects. To participate, please bring at least one object to contribute. Elliott will provide examples, guidance and creative ideas for how to make bona fide Barter Boat artifacts. Take one home with you or donate your unique creation for the Barter Boat’s next destination.

WHAT TO BRING: Nearly anything that isn’t food, a bio-hazard or larger than 5 by 7 inches is welcome. Larger items are possible, but most of the bags are small. Whether you pick out stuff from your junk drawer or just paw through your purse, you’re sure to find something the Barter Boat wants. Examples of accepted items: baseball cards, pens, mints, ticket stubs, origami, key chains, toy dinosaurs, hand-painted postcards, pages from a diary, an earring missing its match, miniature porcelain crabs, etc. Check out their Instagram, @radar_art, for examples.

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