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Miracle Wonderland Carnival Co.

Cumulus Connection

On display November 8–17 

Cumulus Connection is a series of swings suspended from glowing cloud structures, in which color and light are created as people engage with the artwork and swing through the air. If a swing is unoccupied, the cloud above it will emanate a steady white glow, which shines downward and illuminates the empty swing as an invitation to passersby. But when someone begins to swing, the transformation begins, and the white glow is replaced by vibrant colors that become more saturated as the swing moves faster. The goal is to provide nostalgic joy and connect participants to the wonders of the outdoors. 

The Story of Water 

Clouds are water made solid, and rainbows are water made light. Both are environmental miracles that never cease to delight and amaze. Cumulus Connection plays off these natural nostalgic elements to encourage interaction by viewers of all ages. Clouds are a key ingredient to our environmental health and sustainability. They serve as a visual representation of water within the atmosphere and are formed when invisible water vapor condenses into visible water droplets or crystals. Through this process, clouds are an essential component of the water cycle—evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection—and play a key role in the natural recycling of water within the earth. The swings on Cumulus Connection serve as an abstract representation of that concept: only by going back and forth—repeating this process—is water created, retained, and renewed. 


Artist Talk 

Time and location to be determined.



Miracle Wonderland Carnival Co. is a collaborative art collective. Their mission is to infuse the world with wonder and create inspired experiences and messages to activate viewers’ imagination. They bring projects to life that encourage self-expression and activate authentic engagement with viewers. A fluid creative collaborative, the team consists of makers, designers, and artists with a focus on encouraging play through illuminating experiences. The collective has exhibited its works throughout the United States and will have a piece at Burning Man in 2019. 

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