Floret by Koros Design

On display Nov. 9–18

Floret is a 15-foot-tall inflatable interactive light sculpture designed to interpret the blossoming of a flower. In the basic position, all of the petals are closed, but when people step on the pressure pads surrounding the installation, the air pressure changes and the blossom bursts into bloom, illuminating in a variety of colors at night. Floret is coming to Scottsdale after debuting at the Zsolnay Ligth Festival in Pécs, Hungary.

Artist Bio

After completing a degree in transport engineering, Peter Koros studied industrial and product design and has been active in the kite industry. He founded studio Koros Design, where he works on various projects, from interior design to creative lighting solution. Koros has created several inflatable artworks for theater production, music festivals and light festivals, including the Amsterdam Light Festival, Poznań Climate Change Conference in Poland, Solana Light Festival in Beijing and a number of events in his native Hungary.