Take-Home Workshop Resources

Did you pick up one of the Take-Home Workshop packets at Canal Convergence? In the videos below, the artists who created these workshops will show you how to use the materials from your packets to create optic-bending moire designs and discovery journals.

Moire Pattern Workshop with Koryn Woodward Wasson

Join us for the wonderful world of Op art illusion with these take-home moire pattern kits. Start with one optic-bending design, and see what happens when you start to make it move, twist, and turn, just by adding its transparent match. Endless combinations abound! Each kit has two pre-fabricated designs, two blanks for your own illusions, a brad, a marker, and a ruler. Follow along with the artists in an online workshop tutorial, and fall in love with the science of moire!

Create a Discovery Journal with the Walter Hive

Create your own discovery journal! This kit contains supplies to make a small notebook and a magnifying lens to help get a closer look at elements in nature. Students will have access to video instructions on how to assemble and decorate the book, then prompts on sketching bits of nature. Participants might want to draw closeups of leaves, trees, bugs, or other discoveries. We will demonstrate both abstract and realistic drawing. This lesson on how art and science interact can be adapted to all ages.