one water

About the Brewing Showcase

In 2019, Scottsdale Water will become the first water agency in Arizona to be permitted to supply recycled water for potable use. To celebrate this landmark achievement, Scottsdale Water is teaming up with Canal Convergence to create the One Water Brewing Showcase—a unique opportunity for Arizona breweries to share their craft beer creations while bringing awareness to the global need for innovative water treatment technologies.

Where is the water coming from?

The Advanced Water Treatment Plant at the Scottsdale Water Campus is one of the largest and most advanced water recycling facilities in the world. Recognized by the WateReuse Research Foundation and the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence as one of the world’s most innovative water purification projects, the AWT produces 20 million gallons per day of ultrapure water and celebrated 20 years of successful operation in 2018.

What’s in it for for breweries?

Media: Scottsdale Water and Canal Convergence are committed to highly publicizing this project. As the first permanent direct potable reuse facility in Arizona, media interest will be high.  We will be working with local and national media to publicize the event and our participating breweries.

Marketing: Posters, coasters, and anything else we can print up will be widely distributed through multiple channels, including regional beer distributors, Scottsdale Arts, the City of Scottsdale, and participating breweries.

Beer sales: For the first time in Arizona, breweries will be able to sell—and promote—beer brewed with recycled water. (Think of the hype you can build around his opportunity!)

Canal Convergence exposure: With an average weekend attendance of 75,000 people and national notoriety, Canal Convergence is one of the highest-profile events in Scottsdale.

BE A WATER HERO! Water scarcity, drought, and global lack of access to clean water are real, critical issues in our society. At some point, communities will need to fully embrace potable water reuse. Normalizing attitudes toward purified recycled water is critical to the acceptance of and investment in advanced water treatment technologies. As brewers, you’re water people—you understand the importance of water and the science behind and safety of purified water. You’re the best ambassadors water could ask for!