About the Brewing Showcase

During the first weekend of Canal Convergence—from 6–10 p.m. on Nov. 4 and 5—the event will incorporate a drought-friendly beer festival, featuring only craft beers brewed with recycled water. In 2019, Scottsdale Water became the first water agency in Arizona permitted to treat recycled water for potable use. The One Water Brewing Showcase at Canal Convergence will spotlight numerous beers crafted by Valley breweries (listed below) and made from recycled water delivered directly from Scottsdale’s Advanced Water Treatment Plant.

The One Water Brewing Showcase will feature a few different beers, all made with ultra-purified, recycled water, each night. The showcase is part of Canal Convergence’s sustainability efforts as we promote resource conservation and pursue our goal of becoming a zero-waste event. Learn more about our efforts on the Sustainability page.

Participating Breweries

Canal Convergence and Scottsdale Water are proud to have the following breweries participating in the One Water Brewing Showcase. These breweries understand the importance of water sustainability and conservation—especially during this time of prolonged drought and water shortages. Partnering breweries include:

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company

Desert Monks Brewing Co

Fate Brewing Company

Four Peaks Brewing Company

Goldwater Brewing Co.

North Mountain Brewing Company

O.H.S.O. Brewery + Distillery

Uncle Bear’s Brewery

Walter Station Brewery

Advanced Water Treatment Plant

The Advanced Water Treatment Plant at the Scottsdale Water Campus is one of the largest and most advanced water recycling facilities in the world. Recognized by the WateReuse Research Foundation and the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence as one of the world’s most innovative water purification projects, the AWT produces 20 million gallons per day of ultrapure water and celebrated 20 years of successful operation in 2018.