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Charles Gadeken 

Entwined Meadow 

On display November 5, 2021 – February 28, 2022 

San Francisco, California 

Entwined Meadow is a grove of 10 illuminating, metal-sculpted, flower-like clusters. Together, the sculptures create peaks and valleys, pulsing focal points of radiating light and color. Each cluster holds dozens of individually programmable light pixels, presenting hundreds of different lighting sequences and innumerable lighting effects (colors, saturation, tempo, lighting patterns, pattern duration). Sprinkles of color appear like raindrops on the pavement. Bolts of color and flashes of light mimic lightning and thunderstorms. Waves roll across the light array, like the wind blowing tallgrass and flowers. Concentric circles ripple out as a pebble dropped in a pond. Complex patterns inspired by nature emerge and dissolve in an ever-changing light experience, building a sense of awe, encouraging us to engage with the world around us, connecting and inspiring community. 

In addition to enjoying the numerous lighting sequences, the public has the option of changing the lighting program effects. Each cluster sculpture can be controlled for one minute per participant through a QR code on the installation. Scan the code with a smartphone or data-enabled tablet camera to open a webpage with a controller to change the color, hue, and saturation of the entire piece. The programming will automatically queue you up and let you know when it is your turn to interact with the sculpture. 

Artist Biography  

Charles Gadeken is an award-winning industrial artist—working for more than 25 years—whose monumental interactive public artworks reimagine the world post-nature. Artwork commissions include Black Rock Arts Foundation, Insomniac Events, Coachella, Absolut Vodka, Stanford University, and the California cities of San Francisco, Palo Alto, Calabasas, and Los Altos. Many of Gadeken’s works have been exhibited internationally. 

Skilled in manipulating metals, Gadeken makes copper, bronze, and steel pieces of varying dimensions and functionalities. Inspired by the structures and processes in the world around us, his art depicts natural objects in fantastic ways and realizes the potential for serendipity in everyday life. Gadeken incorporates technology for various effects—LEDs, flame, hydraulics, and electricity to increase visual and physical impacts. These effects instill a sense of joy, wonder, and play. 

Focused on engaging the imagination both in the objects created and the method of their creation, Gadeken is dedicated to increasing artistic community and art awareness. Many of his pieces are interactive, encouraging participants in the artistic experience. In addition to making art, Gadeken uses artistic practice to encourage others to do so and has inspired hundreds to participate in artmaking for multiple projects. 

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