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Immerge Interactive


On display November 6–15, 2020

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Fences is an interactive light installation, where patterns are generated by the motion of foot traffic along a custom LED display. The 72-foot long and 7-foot high artwork creates lighting effects through color, shape, and brightness across almost 9,000 individually controlled LEDs. As viewers walk along the path, video tracking creates patterns that are displayed alongside them. Tracking data from the previous participant interacts with the next viewer; in this way, each guest will leave their own mark on the installation. Over time, the interactions layer to create new generative patterns that visualize both the current viewers and the history of all those who have visited the space. 

Location: Fences is among the artworks that will be located in the traditional Canal Convergence location at the Scottsdale Waterfront. Look for it along the west side of the Arizona Canal between Goldwater Boulevard and the Marshall Way Bridge.


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Immerge Interactive is a Philadelphia-based studio specializing in interactive video and lighting design. They create installations for stages, events, and public spaces. It is through both public and commercial installations that Immerge explores interactivity, data-visualization, and generative patterns within liminal spaces. 

Nicholas Lavella, president and lead creative of Immerge Interactive, presented his first piece, Lumens, while attending Emerson College. It accompanied his thesis, “Multiuser Interactive Artworks: An Exploration of the Mechanics, Effects and Execution of Multiuser Interactive Artworks.” 

Today, Immerge Interactive is focused on creating its own body of work, beginning with foundational LED sculptures called Elements. These primary geometric shapes—such as columns, rings, and fences—are designed to be modular and scalable for public art and performance spaces. In 2019, Immerge Interactive collaborated with IMRSV Arts of Berlin, Germany, at the Emerge event at the Philly Art Collective Gallery. Emerge tracked each viewer’s heart rate, utilizing wireless sensors, to create real-time lighting designs as they experienced musical performances. 


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