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Koros Design

Hidden Garden

On display November 6 – December 31, 2020 

Budapest, Hungary 

Hidden Garden is a series of four inflatable light sculptures that reflect the gorgeous variety of plants that surround us. Artistic flowers wrap around real trees like a living organism, extending the green space of the city and creating an unusual atmosphere. Combining textile work, programmed LEDs, and pulsed motion, the artwork invites visitors into a playful atmosphere.

Location: Hidden Garden will be located at the Scottsdale Artists’ School, 3720 N. Marshall Way.



Look at the world with a different lens! Join members of Koros Design from their studio in Hungary, and create a unique kaleidoscope that will amaze you with its beauty. Learn more.


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Based in Budapest, Koros Design creates works of art using special materials and technologies. The two Hungarian artists, Reka Magyar and Peter Koros, specialize in inflatable and light-based installations. Magyar studied footwear and accessories design and received a master’s degree in stage and costume design. After graduating as transport engineer, Koros also received a degree in product design. 

They have worked in the theater and film industry, as well as on television productions in Budapest. Due to their experiences from different fields of arts and design, their projects explore the use of manual techniques in combination with digital generated design. Their inflatable installations have been on display at several light festivals and other art events worldwide, including Canal Convergence in November 2018. 


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