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Francisco Flores (Phoenix)

Into the distance

A Local Light Installation

Balcony above: 
7051 E. 5th Ave. 
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 
(Facing Marshall Way) 

Where is the sky? Not the physical sky, but the place where everyone goes after being alive. Do they go anywhere? Our prayers and wishes—where do they go? All we really know is that they part from us, into the distance, like ships sailing in the ocean. Into the distance becomes the name of this art piece, a light shrine sculpture consisting of seven, 9foottall, slim columns that emit light. The RGB pixelmapped light columns create contemplative visual animations of upward movement. The idea of movement toward the sky is a gesture to interact with the light of the stars and send light waves into the distance of outer space. This artwork is an invitation to look up to the sky and intends to evoke positive memories of wonder in the stars. Placed on a balcony above Marshall Way, Into the distance will be viewed from ground level, using light as a metaphor for thoughts and prayers going into the sky. With upward fluid movements of light, this sculpture takes the shape of an intentional visualizer to put prayers and thoughts into light forms and be sent into the distance. 



Francisco Flores

Francisco Flores in an interdisciplinary scholar and interactive audiovisual art designer. Born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, in 1988, he migrated to Arizona at age 14 and currently lives in Phoenix. In 2016 he graduated from Arizona State University with a masters of arts and a concentration on interactive digital media. Through diverse collaborations and utilizing emerging technology, Flores creates art that is contemplative, meaningful, and communal. His work has a strong focus in the relationships built through the process, and it intends to find spaces of mindfulness, compassion, and actiontaking toward human and collective evolution in spirituality and technology. He has created work for the City of Phoenix, and his work has been featured in local and national magazines. Flores is primarily affiliated with EpicFx and works with multiple companies in the Phoenix area.



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