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Casey Farina 

Keeping Time

On display November 6–15, 2020 

Phoenix, Arizona

Keeping Time is kinetic sculpture presented in augmented reality. When viewers begin the experience, they are surrounded by an array of animated bell structures that extend toward the sky. Each bell emits light as it travels an orbital path around the view. The composite sounds of the bells form a soundscape reminiscent of the gamelan tradition of Bali, Java, and Indonesia. Keeping Time is best experienced under an open sky.  

Farina also created the temporary artwork Across the Divide for this year’s Canal Convergence.

How to Access AR at Canal Convergence

Before visiting the event, access your mobile device’s app store, download the Hoverlay app, and follow instructions to install the Hoverlay camera browser app on your mobile device. Search for the CanalConvergence channel to unlock these experiences at home, or look for QR codes on signs or ground stickers at the Scottsdale Waterfront and around Old Town Scottsdale. Please note: the app requires an augmented reality-capable device running iOS 13 or later or Android 7.0 or later.


Coding can be an artistic expression using algorithms. This workshop will take “real world” instructions and translate them into computer code using P5.js, an open-source JavaScript-based language. Learn more.

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Casey Farina is a Phoenix-based artist who creates audio/visual artwork from iterative processes. This work often combines Farina’s expertise in animation, sound design, visual effects, digital fabrication, and improvisation. His video sculptures have been recognized as impressive works in an emerging genre and have been exhibited at the Phoenix Art Museum. Farina has been commissioned by the cities of Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, and Scottsdale to create public artworks that combine projection-mapping and interactivity. He is an active artistic collaborator, working with choreographers, technologists, composers, and musicians throughout the Phoenix area. Farina’s work as an animator and sound designer has been exhibited internationally at “dance for film” festivals. His animated-graphic scores have been described as “imaginative,” and are frequently presented domestically and internationally. Farina was named the Best Multimedia Artist by Phoenix Magazine in 2019 and is a winner of the 2017 Contemporary Forum Emerging Artist Grant, which included a place in the accompanying exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum. He is a residential faculty member in the Digital Media Arts program at Glendale Community College and his students have won several Student Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards. 


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