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Light Falls

On display November 5–14, 2021 

São Paulo, Brazil 

Light Falls is a large-scale light and sound installation that invokes the beauty and power of nature in its most potent form: the waterfall. More than 16 feet tall, the artwork consists of a series of illuminated tubes that cascade downward and intertwine on the ground, creating the effect of water hitting rocks. The tubes utilize a wide range of colors in a specific pattern that mimics the organic movement of falling water. The artwork is accompanied by ambient nature sounds to complete the waterfall illusion. 

Water plays a fundamental role in human existence. It can generate life and energy, power cities, and bring human connection. However, over time and with the expansion of human society, the global water supply has suffered from contamination due to mankind’s action—or inaction. So, while Light Falls creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, it is also intended remind us of the importance of preserving this vital resource, as well as the value of mankind’s maternal connection with nature. 

Artist Biography 

Leandro Mendes—Vigas—is a Brazilian multimedia artist who works with large-scale projections, light installations, 360-degree projections, and live performance. His projects in public art utilize immersive organic esthetics as a starting point to create captivating experiences for the viewer. The artist began his research in multimedia performances at university in 2003 and has since continued to create engaging multimedia installations. Some past exhibitions of his work include Amsterdam Light Festival (Netherlands), SP Urban Digital Festival (São Paulo, Brazil), Circle of Light Moscow International Festival (Russia), Athens Digital Arts Festival (Greece), SAT Fest (Montreal, Canada), Sónar (Barcelona, Spain), and MUTEK Argentina (Buenos Aires). Vigas was also the winner of a 2019 International Emmy Award® as the protagonist in the National Geographic series Hack the City, resulting in a permanent lighting installation in the city of São Paulo.

Artwork structural engineering performed by Sirius Structures.

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