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MASARY Studios 

Say What You Will 

On display November 5–14, 2021 

Boston, Massachusetts 

Say What You Will is an interactive artwork exploring expression, understanding, and meaning through audio and visual media. Using spectral and sentiment analysis, machine learning, and custom-designed software, the artwork listens to a participant’s voice and transforms it into expressions of video. Never the same twice, the system weighs tone and meaning as it translates speech into light.   

The artwork utilizes 12 projectors for a total of 180,000 lumens on six projection surfaces suspended above the Arizona Canal, between Marshall Way Bridge and Soleri Bridge. Participants are invited to speak into any of the six corresponding kiosks set along the canal banks and experience the transformation of their voices into light and video abstractions.  

Artist Biography 

MASARY Studios is an interdisciplinary artist collective reconsidering environments through site-specific installations using sound, light, interactivity, and performance. Based in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston, the studio’s practice includes live performance, electronic music and production, facade projection-mapped video, artistic research, technology and materials fabrication, and the expansive use of animation. The studio is artist-owned and managed and was founded in 2015.

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