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The Planets 

On display November 5–14, 2021 

Lyon, France 

The Planets is a series of seven 2-D and 3-D sculptures that create optical illusions through light, bringing the cosmic beauty of our solar system down to earth. Each object is made of a vertical disc with multiple mirrored facets—hundreds of small reflectors. When the lighting sequences are activated, the sculptures create a disco ball effect in the surrounding environment. As the animated lights reflect on the triangular sections, which are set at different angles, an optical illusion of spatial volume is created within the sculpture. The light programming is made with a pixel-perfect LED strip and allows for a large range of vibrant light sequences with complex moving graphic compositions generated on the surface of the pieces. 

Artist Biography 

PITAYA is a creative studio founded in 2006 by David Lesort and Arnaud Giroud. Exploring light and how it can affect materials through their creations is their main field of study.   

PITAYA’s art installations are a mix of in situ and object design with a strong focus on what the artists call a “design by the multitude.” This type of creation can identify a new space (either indoor or urban scale) to be designed with multiple lighting objects in mind. With this multitude of their own objects, the studio then composes and creates the design of the overall space. Therefore, the setting of the objects is as important as the design of them, and it is the combination of both that creates the final piece.  

The studio works on a large range of productions, including light objects, luminaires, lighting sculptures, and stage design. The scope of the studio’s work is wide, from urban-scale events in public space to private commissions. PITAYA’s pieces have been exhibited worldwide in various events and fairs in Paris, Beirut, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai, Houston, London, and Singapore.

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