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The Sunset People (Paradise Valley)

The Sunset Stack

A Local Light Installation

Carlson Creek Wine Tasting Room 
4142 N. Marshall Way 
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

The sunset’s atmospheric optics are humanity’s original form of entertainment. The glow of screens is what we stare at today. The Sunset Stack sources videos uploaded by strangers that have been tagged as “SUNSET” in the Creative Commons library. Sixty sunsetthemed video clips have been gathered and manipulated into a one-hour montage. This assortment of sunset videos provides a canvas foThe Sunset People to make their mark with custom filters, transforming the landscapes into colorful, electronically altered collaborations with outsiders. The screens loop in an offset, syncopated patterncreating a new kind of meditative sunset dream-haze, just like nature intended. The Sunset Stack is inspired by the vintage aesthetic of bygone eras while embracing the cutting-edge technology of the future. This hybrid of Mother Nature’s analogue beauty captured in digital form becomes contemporary color bars. 





The Sunset People comprise the husband and wife team of Jesse Willenbring and Phoenix native Bevin McNamara. They met in New York City where they were both working in the arts. McNamara’s background is in film, Willenbring’s is in painting, and they share an obsessive passion for design. McNamara and Willenbring realized that combining their creative skillset would offer a new perspective to the arts, so, in 2012, they formed The Sunset People. The Sunset People create, curate, and produce multidisciplinary artworks, commissions, and events. In 2019, they relocated to the Valley of the Sun, where they continue to make their artistic endeavors come to life.



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