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Canal Convergence 2021: Nov. 5-14

Canal Convergence returns to the Scottsdale Waterfront for 2021 with a new central theme: "Art & Technology." The combination of cutting-edge technologies with public art has made possible some of the most exciting and innovative artworks to appear at Canal Convergence. Through this year’s theme, alongside the event’s perennial themes of Water + Art + Light, Interactivity, and Sustainability, Scottsdale Public Art intends to expand the public’s understanding of technology’s role in artmaking. More information about the selected artworks and the event coming soon!

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Canal Convergence and CODAsummit 2021

Scottsdale Public Art and CODAworx will converge in November as the annual CODAsummit: The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place comes to Scottsdale during Canal Convergence | Water + Art + Light. CODAsummit is a three-day conference for all individuals and companies that are involved in creating large-scale, commissioned art to consider how technology-infused art installations can change the way environments are experienced. Produced by CODAworx, this year’s CODAsummit will be hosted by Scottsdale Public Art Nov. 10–12 at the Scottsdale Arts campus and other locations in Old Town Scottsdale.

Canal Convergence 2021 Sponsors

Canal Convergence is made possible with annual support from the City of Scottsdale. Additional support is provided by Billie Jo and Judd Herberger, SRP, Nationwide, Magnum Companies, Christine and Richard Kovach, City of Scottsdale Solid Waste, FirstBank, Sirius Structures, Epson, and Hoverlay.

Water + Art + Light

Event Overview

Canal Convergence | Water + Art + Light is returning to the Scottsdale Waterfront this fall with the featured theme “Art and Technology.”

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What's Coming!

2021 Public Artworks

Preview the artworks selected for Canal Convergence 2021 highlighting the featured theme Art and Technology as well as Water + Art + Light, Interactivity, and Sustainability.

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Virtual Art

Augmented Reality

The intersection of art in physical spaces with virtual experiences will be live at the Scottsdale Waterfront. Make sure to bring your phone to the Canal!

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How to Converge!

Plan Your Visit

How to get to Canal Convergence, where to park, and other important details to help prepare yourself for an amazing experience at the Scottsdale Waterfront.

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Fun Activities


This year's event will host a number of workshops for people of all ages!

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Every year Canal Convergence hosts a selection of free live performances. This year you'll find a live music, dance, and more at the Scottsdale Waterfront.

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What to Do?

Events Schedule

Find out about all the unique and fun events that will be hosted during Canal Convergence 2021.

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Public Health Notices

Encouraging Safety

In 2020 Canal Convergence featured large-scale art installations that were installed at multiple locations throughout Scottsdale to increase social distancing-friendly viewing options.

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Past Installations

Public Art Archive

Canal Convergence features large-scale public artworks.

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