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In this hands-on experience, you will learn the unique silt-cast bell-making process—developed by and used every day by the artisans of Cosanti Originals to make their world-famous ceramic wind-bells. As a participant, you will learn the silt-cast ceramics process, including repairing the silt beds, creating the molds, pouring the clay slip, drying the clay, and processing, carving, and coloring the bells. Complete the experience by assembling your own Cosanti Originals silt-cast bell from components made by Cosanti artisans. Use your imagination to create a one-of-kind masterpiece that you can take home. 


For 65-plus years, Cosanti Originals artisans have been producing one-of-a-kind silt-cast and bronze bells in order to support the The Cosanti Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to influencing a balance between the built world and the environment, the well-being of the planet and humankind. Today, Cosanti Originals operates two foundries, two ceramic studios, two ceramic tile studios, and a jewelry studio at Cosanti in Paradise Valley and The Cosanti Foundation’s experimental community, Arcosanti, located 65 miles north in Mayer, Arizona, which has been an important voice in the global conservation about adapting the way humankind consumes resources on a planet already stressed by explosive population growth, a dramatically changing climate, and limited natural resources. All the revenues generated by Cosanti Originals support the foundation and other worthy causes since 1955.


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