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Come play dress up with fashion designer Cass of Crummy Clothes! The Crummy Clothes Dress-Up Space will allow fashion-forward guests to play dress-up and explore new looks while learning more about the world of upcycled fashion. Guests are invited to explore slow fashion by Cass and learn how the designer views upcycled fashion and our fashion future as a whole. 


Cass is a cut-and-sew artist based in Phoenix. She utilizes upcycled materials for every 1-of-1 piece she creates. Crummy was birthed out of the distaste for fast fashion and the lack of accessibility to gender-neutral clothing. Through Crummy, Cass strives to educate folks on the detrimental effects of fast fashion and how we can work toward valuing quality clothes over disposable trends.

Cass was voted Best of the Valley’s Fashion Designer and was featured in Voyage, Zoned, Lighthouse, Twin Cities Collage Collective, and Canvas Rebel. She was a featured designer at No Blueprint and will have her debut at Dusk Market this year on Nov. 11. You can stay up to date on all things Crummy through her Instagram, @Crummy.Clothes.


Nationwide Innovation Zone
Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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