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Walter Productions


On display Nov. 9–18

Floatus invites attendees to be inspired by what is possible through creativity, teamwork, technology, and fabrication. The installation consists of 12 polished aluminum lotus sculptures that float on the surface of the water. Each Floatus is equipped with LEDs and flame FX systems capable of shooting a controlled flame up to 30 feet in the air.

The Floatus blossoms look beautiful during the daytime as they reflect the sunlight, but they come fully alive at night with LEDs and fire shows choreographed to music. The Walter Project will offer 30 fire shows during Canal Convergence. When the flames are not firing, attendees will be invited to interact with a console that controls the LEDs within each Floatus blossom.


Artist Bio

Founded in 2008, Walter Productions is a Phoenix-based creative collective that specializes in building experiential art. The team behind our special blend of magic is a group of dreamers, artists, technologists, fabricators, programmers, producers, and all-around make-it-happen people who have a well-established reputation for making amazing things happen. Each team member brings years of industry experience, and this tribal family has come together with the shared mission of elevating humanity through community, creativity, shared experience, and love. Walter Productions has fabricated a number of large-scale public art installations for the annual Burning Man event, including Walter the Bus and Big Red Beetle. The collective also operates a non-profit organization called The Walter Hive that engages and empowers Valley children through creative expression in art and technology.

Artist Talk
Saturday, Nov. 17, 5 – 6 p.m.
West Canal, near Floatus

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