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Skunk Control

Light Flutter

On display Nov. 9–18

Light Flutter comprises a kaleidoscope of 30 mechatronic butterflies that have made their homes along the Arizona Canal. They vary in size, with wingspans ranging from 20 to 35 inches.

Their vibrant, translucent wings approximate the movement of butterflies in nature, and as they flutter, vivid colors can be observed, illuminated at night and casting colored shadows during the day. These colors are not produced through pigmentation but rather from diffraction—light’s interaction with the fine structures found in the butterflies’ wings. This produces millions of colors, with a palette that alters depending on the viewer’s vantage point.


Artist Bio

Skunk Control operates out of Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, and creates visual installations and environments designed to engage audiences in those feelings associated with the act of discovery. Their work features mechatronics, electronics, and alternative technologies to achieve engaging environments, communicate ideas, and explore themes and narratives. They also create hands-on outreach programs to share information about their technology and the theories that underpin their work. Skunk Control designs, prototypes, programs, constructs, and creates all of its own work.

Artist Talk
Sunday, Nov. 11, 6 – 7 p.m.
Canal Convergence Storefront

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