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Liquid PXL 

Light Forest 

On view Nov. 3–Dec. 31

Los Angeles, California 

Light Forest is a series of 16 pillars that emit light and sound to create unique audio-visual experiences for viewers. As viewers walk through these 10-foot-tall towers along Soleri Bridge, they will be immersed in experimental electronic music, synchronized with a dazzling light show. Light Forest’s towers consist of 128 light fixtures, containing integrated speakers and more than 27,000 controllable LEDs in 360 degrees. Each performative light and sound composition will last approximately 15 minutes. 


Abram Santa Cruz / Art Director
Charles Dusastre / Light Engineer
Brian Crain / Music and Sound Engineer  

Liquid PXL is a Los Angeles-based group of artists, engineers, and friends dedicated to creating fun and large-scale interactive art installations. Their light sculptures have been featured in music festivals and light festivals across the United States and all over the world, from Australia to Europe. Music stars like Ricky Martin, Farruko, and Megan Thee Stallion have also used Liquid PXL’s Burning Man-style art in their music videos and live performances. 

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