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Peter Hazel 


On view Nov. 3–12

Reno, Nevada 

Octavius by Peter Hazel is a giant octopus sculpture, covered in 250,000 hand-made, hand-painted ceramic tiles, with suckers and eyes created from fused glass. Standing at 7-feet tall and 24-feet wide, Octavius is brightly illuminated from within, creating a light show. Octavius invites viewers to touch the artwork and contemplate the beauty and magnificence of this sea dweller. 


Reno-based public artist Peter Hazel has spent the past decade producing large-scale sculptures across the country. Growing up in Half Moon Bay, California, Hazel draws much inspiration for his artwork from the sea and nature that surrounded him as a child. After leaving Half Moon Bay, Hazel raised a family in North Lake Tahoe where he had a career as a tile contractor for 35 years. Starting in 2008, Hazel began to create artworks of his own after being inspired by the intricate architecture whilst on a trip to Barcelona. Hazel utilizes ceramics, colorful glass, steel, and carpentry in his artworks. He is well known for his magnificent sea creature sculptures. Hazel’s studio and headquarters are currently located at Artech, a creative development center in northeast Reno near the Truckee River.   

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