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Daniel Funkhouser (Phoenix)

Pocket Dimension

A Local Light Installation

Inside Scottsdale Fashion Square 
7014 E. Camelback Road 
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 

Pocket Dimension includes two separate artworks installed in two different wings of Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. Both artworks feature transparent desert imagery, cut from acrylic and illuminated by LEDs. Featuring patterns etched into surface, the designs are distorted into a dreamlike and sci-fantasy reality through colorful materials and light. 



Daniel Funkhouser

Daniel Funkhouser is a Phoenixbased artist working in traditional and technology-based media, immersive installation, and public art to create maximalist, colorful, and playful experiences. His art practice has expanded into a variety of forms and media, unified by a love of garishly saturated color schemes, supersynthetic materials, and the power of play. Experimenting with the fabrication and manipulation of commercial and industrial materials led to the flexibility of his body of work. Merging traditional methods with unconventional materials, he explores the alchemy of process, inviting us to experience his hyper-reality through traditional gallery shows, immersive lighting installations, and public art. Funkhouser has a bachelor of fine arts from Arizona State University in painting and was recently named Best Neon Artist in the Phoenix New Times Best of Phoenix 2019. He also has a major installation titled Radiant Grove for INFLUX Cycle 8 at Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix called Radiant GroveFUTURELAND, created in conjunction with Danelle Plaza and Sarah Hurwitz, is installed in Tempe.



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