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Ithaca Studio 


On view Nov. 3–12

Brighton, United Kingdom 

Ripple is a site-specific, interactive light and sound installation that invites viewers to create ripples of sparkling lights overhead, mirroring the surface of the nearby water. Inspired by two playful aspects of water—the act of stepping into puddles to create a splash and watching ripples form when you drop a stone into the water—the artwork fills the internal structure of Marshall Way Bridge with individually controlled light spheres. When up to eight participants activate the eight touch-sensitive pads below Ripple by stepping or rolling onto the pads, colorful lights will shoot up the supporting columns and create giant ripples of light above their heads. 


Ithaca Studio is a group of award-winning experimenters from the coastal city of Brighton, United Kingdom, who combine art, music, and technology to make magical experiences with sound and light.  Ithaca creates immersive, accessible, and memorable installations for large audiences—in public spaces, for arts and music festivals and in heritage sites around the world. They have studios in Brighton and Chicago. 

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