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Walter Productions 


On view Nov. 3–12

Phoenix, Arizona 

FLARIO is an interactive, fire-shooting art installation, inspired by the archetypal endgame level found in classic side-scrolling video games of years past. In these games, the protagonist must jump platforms, avoid fire traps, and collect coins to reach the end of the level and win the game. Using floating platforms made from stainless steel, LEDs, foam, and pyrotechnic effects, FLARIO will act as a physical manifestation of similar video game levels, complete with icons of power-ups, treasures, and health throughout. Players will attempt to progress through FLARIO by closely interacting with the coin lights. Like any video game, they will need to have quick reactions to beat the level, and when they succeed, they will be surprised by a showering of pyrotechnic spark effects. During the fire shows, FLARIO will become a full manifestation of the most difficult video game level with a climax of flames, lighting, and pyrotechnics—all expertly choreographed to music with finales that will erupt in explosions of fire, color, and sound. 


Walter Productions has been delivering experiential artistic entertainment for more than a decade and is best known for its fleet of art cars, led by Walter the Bus. Much of that time has been spent touring across the country, producing numerous events across the nation for companies like SpaceX, Google, Twitter, and Zappos, as well as festivals for Live Nation, Superfly, and Insomniac. Now the team is putting down deep roots in Arizona. Since 2009, Walter Productions has been part of the Scottsdale art scene, and the Walter family of companies includes the 501c3 not-for-profit Walter Hive, Walter Station Brewery, the Walter House, and Walter Studios. This is the sixth consecutive year Walter Productions has brought art, fire, and lights to the Scottsdale Waterfront for Canal Convergence. Walter Productions first exhibited at Canal Convergence in 2018 with Floatus. Walter Productions has returned each year with a new artwork: Water Serpent in 2019, Information Flow in 2020, Floom in 2021, and ORB in 2022. 


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