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illumaphonium: Halo 

On display through November 14, 2021

NOTE: Installation is held pending shipping delays.

Churchstanton, United Kingdom  

illumaphonium: Halo is a series of nine interconnected, interactive towers that create ever-evolving patterns of light and sound through audience participation. Each column stands nearly 11 feet tall and consists of 10 illuminated “halos” that, when touched, light up and play tones from two octaves of a pentatonic scale to create bespoke music.  

The use of the pentatonic scale allows for an experience where anyone, regardless of their musical background, can have a spontaneous and rewarding moment of music making. illumaphonium: Halo presents an immersive space, in which the public is free to experience joy and play without fear of judgment or error. This creative exploration of light and sound offers an escape from the mundanity of everyday life and an opportunity to reflect on how societal pressures can strip us of the curiosities we enjoyed as a child. 

Artist Biography 

illumaphonium is a duo of artists creating large-scale interactive installations from their workshop in the ever-inspiring surroundings of rural Somerset, United Kingdom.  

A pioneer in the world of interactivity, illumaphonium blurs the boundaries between entertainment and art, creating fully participatory, sonic, illuminated installation works for public spaces, rooted around music and musical instruments—which by their very nature are highly interactive. 

The duo strives to create truly believable and authentic experiences, something to be felt rather than observed. Instilling a sense of awe and wonder in all those who encounter the work and embracing technology but never allowing it to guide the design of the work, illumaphonium instead asks the questions: “What will be the social function of this artwork?” and then “What form will that take?” 

The social function of illumaphonium will always be the same: togetherness—something human beings crave now more than ever. 

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